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Computers and technolgy change at lightning speed!  We post information about security issues, ways to use your favorite software better, and design information.  Check back often for the latest news.


WordPress Vulnerability – Upgrade required

A vulnerability in the WordPress core has been discovered recently.  WordPress has issued the WP 4.8.3 security release to address the problem.  All WordPress websites need to upgrade to this latest version.  For more information, read Anthony Ferrara's...

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Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts help you work faster with less physical strain. They can also come in handy if your mouse stops working. Mac users will generally substitute the Command (Open Apple) key for CTRL. Most programs support the following keyboard commands. Ctrl+S Ctrl+S...

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New Google Calendar User Interface for the Web

Today, Google introduced a new Google Calendar user interface (UI) for the web. The new look includes some great new features, such as improved room resource information, rich event descriptions, a side-by-side view, and more. Read this article to help...

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WiFi Worst Case Scenario

A worst-case scenario has unfolded today for Wi-Fi devices. Researchers at a university in Belgium discovered a way to completely defeat the encryption that WPA2 provides on Wi-Fi networks. This affects all modern Wi-Fi equipment, from mobile phones to tablets to...

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